August 17th 2018

Hi I’m Abbey and I have been actively healing secondary breast cancer to the bones since June 2017. After barely a year since the diagnosis, I am looking and feeling better than I have in my entire life.

Two days ago, I got an ultrasound  that proved that the cancerous lesions on my chest wall and breast tissue have now gone away; yes, the ultrasound confirmed that there is no sign of them at all. I knew this to be the truth myself as I could feel them dissolving slowly just three months into my healing journey.

Because I now value my own state of well-being so highly, and have come so far in such a short time, I’m often asked to share what’s working best for me.

I have created this simple website as a way of supporting my current ‘need for ease’, as I’ve found, that I’m repeatedly sharing the same information, with different people each week.

This site will be where I post information that has helped me during my secondary breast cancer healing journey so readers can learn more and or have ideas to discuss with their doctor or oncologist.

I will begin by listing all the key resources, supplements and therapies that I believe have helped me most. Over time I will continue to update the information about each of these resources, supplements or therapies but for now I will just get the basic information down so you have something to get you started.