Structured Water

For a few months now, Neil and I have been enjoying, and no doubt greatly benefiting form drinking the very best structured water.

We live on a semi-rural property and draw some of our water from underground bore and some from the sky above (when we get rain). It gets stored as one mass in our water tank. Neil keeps the roof, gutters and tank lovely and clean.We have it checked from time to time at a water lab and it always get glowing reports.

We then take that glowing report water from our tank and send it through a couple of carbon filters which we change regularly. And then once the water enters the pipe leading to the kitchen, it passes through a MEA water structuring device.

Learn more here from the experts about how high quality structured water can greatly benefit your health.

This video is an interview with  Rob Gourlay, who’s Australian company makes the device we use. He explains everything we need to know about structured water and healing in an easy to follow way.

And, I didn’t stop there…
Last week we purchased a second hand i-health sauna and the day we got it home I found myself thinking about how my water intake would need to increase each day now I would be sweating so much more. Then I remembered that I had heard an interview in which gem water was discussed suddenly felt an urge to create a gem water jug in my kitchen. I did just that.

Inside a small narrow glass beaker ( a found it at the op shop – it was once a part of a small milk frothing device)  I placed rose quartz, clear quartz, aquamarine, amethyst and citrine. I covered these gems with water ( not to be drunk, just to cover them). I then placed this glass beaker full of gems and water inside my water jug. Making sure that the top of it was ‘not’ under water.  I don’t want the gems to physically come in contact with the drinking water. I just want their gemstone frequencies to further structure the drinking water indirectly.
It tastes great, looks so beautiful on the kitchen bench ( my water jug is glass too) And I’m drinking loads more great water and getting in touch with my sincere intentions for healing and thriving as I do.