2019 – off to a flying start

Jan 2019
Celebrating: learning, co-operation, support & flow
My (Australian) GP approved my use of Dipyridamole yesterday. The chemist will be able to fulfill prescription next week. I will start with 100mg each day for a week and build up to 200mg each day of a slow release tablet.

I have been researching the power of Dipyridamole to inhibit the spread of cancer since I first learnt about it in Jane McLelland’s, How to Starve Cancer book.
Along with Glucosamine Sulphate, Mebendazole & Aspirin, this Dipyridamole will seal the deal when it comes to stopping the release of growth factors/enzymes (VEGF’s & MMP’s) that break down the extracellular matrix and could allow my cancer to spread and grow.

I will just need to keep an eye on my blood pressure levels and make sure it does not get too low. The out of pocket cost is very low, but I will report back when I pick up the script next week.

I can’t recommend Jane McLelland’s book highly enough. “How to starve cancer without starving yourself”. I’ve heard the paper version is out of stock currently but I highly recommend the Kindle version for easy note taking, high-lighting cross-referencing and further online researching. https://www.amazon.com.au/Starve-Cancer-without-starving-yourself-ebook/dp/B07B2XMLT9


I  recently started utilizing the information in the book titled

“How to Starve Cancer without Starving Yourself” by Jane McLelland

and the “McLelland Metro Map” which is explained within the book.

My hope is that this year’s blog entries
will provide information
to the people that are supporting me,
in understanding exactly what it is
I’m doing in an attempt to
heal myself.

I also hope
that the order and accessibility
of the information on this site supports
anyone walking alongside me
on their own healing journeys.


Nothing written here on this site should be perceived as medical advice.

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Protection against regular cancer screening procedures.

Here’s a link to a great interview for anyone with cancer to hear. It was most valuable for me to listen to, as I am booked in for both an MRI (with ‘no’ contrast fluids) of my spine and a full body bone scan on the same day to monitor my situation.
The role of high dose vitamin C to support us in protecting our healthy cells while living with cancer scanning appointments and conventional treatment choices is discussed.


High Dose Vitamin C and Cancer: Video

This Chris Wark video interview (see below) is with Ron Hunninghake, MD, the world-renowned expert on the use of vitamin C for cancer and other ailments. Dr. Hunninghake has overseen more than 75,000 administrations of IV vitamin C while serving as Medical Director at the Riordan Clinic, since 1989.

“I have personally experienced many wonderful benefits of supplementing with high dose vitamin C in the form of liposomal vitamin C and believe this video is a must watch, for anyone dealing with any stage of cancer or prevention of cancer”.

The video (below) has been created and offered to us free of charge, by Chris Wark of the ‘Chris Beat Cancer’, healing resource website. Like much of what Chris Wark brings forth into the world, it contains highly valuable information we can all easily utilise in our quest to enhance the quality of our health, the levels of our energy and perhaps even the length of our (one very precious) life.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTl_jhvrbv8&w=1046&h=588]

Be sure to take some notes and listen out for…
-The dosing variances of vitamin C [12:14]
-The perfect adjunctive therapy [19:00]
-How vitamin C kills cancer cells [22:00]
-The Trojan Horse cancer theory [26:33]
-The medicine of the future [31:05]
-Comparing types of vitamin C: liposomal/crystals/buffered [36:30]
-Targeting nutrient deficiencies in cancer patients [43:45]
-The importance of having a reason to live [51:35]
-The alienation accompanying a cancer diagnosis [56:12]
-Other recommended IV therapies [59:04]
-The rise of IV vitamin C in conventional medicine [1:02:40]
-How certain deficiencies might lead to mental illness [1:06:38]

As someone diagnosed in 2017 with secondary breast cancer, who is now thriving thanks to high dose vitamin C, I  feel very strongly about spreading the word about high dose vitamin C. I even created a website dedicated to all things high dose vitamin c.

I hope you head over to my high dose vitamin c site and decide to learn more, especially about liposomal vitamin C. the latest form of high dose vitamin C way more accessible and affordable than intravenous vitamin C.

Extra Care During Radiation Therapy

Sitting in the waiting room prior to my initial appointments at the cancer institute I saw plenty of  burnt skin on the hands, legs, feet and faces of people getting radiation treatment. The oncology nurse told me to use plain sorbolene cream on the area after the treatments and to make sure the area was clear of this sorbolene cream each morning prior to treatments.
I have plenty of aloe vera growing in the garden and know how powerful it is for treating burns, so instead of sorbolene I would apply fresh aloe for a few weeks after the targeted radiation sessions. It was even more soothing when I remembered to collect it from the garden early and place it in the fridge.
Another cream I used both during, and for several weeks following radiation therapy was one I bought from Tony, the naturopath and compounding chemist at the Tree of Life, Sawtell, NSW. Tree of Life mail products out to customers Australia wide, so I encourage anyone going  for radiation to get in touch via their website contact link and see if something can be made up for you, or your family member for application during and after radiation treatment. I’m pretty sure the cream he made for me was a combination of comfrey and vitamin E.
I’m pretty sure as a compounding chemist the ingredients in each jar are particular to the person’s needs. I’m going in to see him next week so I’ll make a note to ask him some more on this subject.

Visit the website for Tony at Tree of Life, Sawtell, NSW

I didn’t mention the Cream from the Tree of Life to the nurses, but I did mention the aloe vera and they were very happy with me using it. I’m thinking that free aloe vera plants should be available for people getting radiation. You want the fresh aloe vera only, not the stuff in bottles that is often a mix of ingredients including alcohol.

Integrative Oncology

I’ve met with my oncologist about 10 times and each time I do, it gets easier to walk my own path, with her there at my side. In the beginning I was very afraid that the cancer on my spine would lead to a life of much loss and pain and underwent 10 days of targeted radiation therapy. I even took their bone cement medicine for one month. That was before I woke up and realised it was for people she had convinced that there was no hope of healing their bones.
My courage developed over time and so has my healing power and energy. My hope is that one day the ideas of conventional oncology will align more with my own ideas about healing. When I read these two news stories recently I began to think that they are looking in the right direction.

Good News for Women With Breast Cancer: Many Don’t Need Chemo

Doctors hail world first as woman’s advanced breast cancer is eradicated

What conventional treatments I have agreed to continue for now?
I am 47 and I was still menstruating at the time of my secondary breast cancer diagnosis. My estrogen receptor signalling status was checked and found to be very high on the cancer cells they had biopsied. This told us that my secondary breast cancer was very easily able to access my estrogen hormone in order to grow. The majority of estrogen is produced by the ovaries and Zolodex, is used to prevent estrogen production by the ovaries.
I found the Zolodex and overnight menopause challenging at first. After a few months things improved for me and I think my meditation. Qi gong, ketogenic diet, curcumin supplements, vitamin C all helped with this part of the journey.

My oncologist originally suggested I do chemotherapy and I told her I did not want to. Nine months ago she wrote me a script for another hormone treatment Letrozole and I have not taken it. I told her that ‘as long as the cancer appears stable , (which it still was when we last checked), or even better ..’in remission’ or ‘no longer seen on the scans’ (which I foresee) then I’m not going to take any more conventional drugs or treatments’ they offer me.

Integrative Oncology is the term to describe the therapies, diets and supplements that will support you in avoiding the sickening effects of conventional cancer treatments such as hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radiation.

The latest and very well researched book to support you on this leg of the journey is this one:

Outside the Box Cancer Therapies


All the recommendations in this book are well referenced so you can show your GP or oncologist what you are considering adding to your treatment. It’s available on Kindle and paperback.

At the time of my targeted radiation therapy to my spine, I took and still take:

The wonderful integrative oncology book I mentioned above was not released at the time so I was doing my own research online.