News from the group.

The group name changed last night from “How to Starve Cancer Study Support Group” to Healing Cancer Study Support Group.

Above image: the new group banner that highlights this change.

This week we welcomed our first expert study support group thread leader Dr. Meg Haworth to the group. Dr. Meg will be facilitating the group thread titled : Understanding the connection between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Cancer”.
As a survivor of sexual abuse, drowning, being struck by lightning, and healing over a dozen illnesses including fibromyalgia, Dr. Meg Haworth knows what it takes to overcome life’s biggest challenges and has helped thousands of others do the same over more than two decades.  She is the founder of Lightning Women; Overcoming The Wounds of Sexual, Physical & Emotional Abuse, a movement for women who suffered abuse as children and now have a chronic illness.  This link has been confirmed by science through the ACE Study quiz available on her website. She is a bestselling author of Get Well Now, speaker, and nutritional celebrity chef.  She has been featured on NBC Nightly News, The Los Angeles Times, and The Huffington Post and offers total wellness solutions from food plans to her Whole Person Integration Technique, multiple books in cooking & personal development, a podcast series on iTunes, online programs, private sessions and wellness coaching. You can find her Above image: the new group banner that highlights this change.

Sorry, we are temporarily “NOT: taking in new group members:
My healing cancer study support group is currently in Facebook’s secret mode temporarily. The reason being; I needed to upgrade the new member approval capacity as the administration tasks for this fast growing group were never-ending.
Non-members who search for the support group will not find it or be able to make a membership request until after July 15th 2019.
Search for this group: Healing Cancer Study Support after July 15th.
Existing members will see the group’s posts as usual in their Facebook news feed.