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I enjoy supporting others to approach the work of healing cancer with more ease and understanding for themselves and the territory; be it the healing work of the mind, the body or Spirit. I believe that all these aspects of being alive are equally important, and all must be addressed.
I imagine an initial Zoom call session with me allows you to receive empathic understanding, inspiration and encouragement. If after the initial call you are interested in working with me to do some regular calls that include emotion clearing and energy re-alignment sessions we can schedule that in together using the online scheduling app that reflects both our time zones and sends us pre-call reminders. We would just need to find a time that we are both available and able in a quiet, private space to for the call.
My PayPal email is and I am grateful to anyone who feels good about sending me a gift that suits them, in return for my time and energy via PayPal.
To inquire about my availability send me a message using the contact form below.
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