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I enjoy supporting others to approach the work of healing cancer with more ease and understanding for themselves and the territory; be it the healing work of the mind, the body or Spirit. I believe that all these aspects of being alive are equally important, and all must be addressed.
I do have the capacity to do one-one internet calls. I have a scheduling app that allows people to make a time with me and see it in their time zone. The pink button below takes you to the booking page and shows the times I have available in your time zone.
If during your call, you want to discuss the basics of cancer’s metabolic paths and the drugs and supplements that have been shown to inhibit these paths, please let me know within the notes section of the call booking form and allow yourself time to fill in your own personal copy of the online sheet prior to the call.
The metabolic paths/inhibitors fast sheet link is below. I will send you your own link to your own copy if you request this within your call booking notes.

I am no expert on cancer, and have no background in biology. I have simply been constantly focused working on learning how best turn my own stage 4 diagnosis around, and then keeping it that way.
A conversation with me does not in any way represent medical advice.
 I imagine an initial one hour session with me allows someone to receive empathic understanding, inspiration and encouragement.  And hopefully I will be able to offer you some connections to even more support such as practitioners, study resources & healing ideas and networks.
My PayPal email is and I am grateful to anyone who feels good about sending me a gift that suits them, in return for the call time via PayPal.

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