Curcumin, the spice that is providing even more cancer healing advantages.

Even though I’ve been enjoying loads of curcumin every day for a year now I recently found this wonderful website, where I have been learning even more  about how amazing it is for healing and preventing breast cancer re-occurrence. I am inspired to share the link for many reasons, especially because all the information provided by is backed up by studies that they carefully reference throughout their articles.

I have totally loved learning that “Curcumin has been shown to be toxic to both estrogen sensitive and hormonally ‘non-sensitive’ types of breast cancer. This key turmeric compound can also inhibit the cancer-causing effects of estrogenic pesticides”.
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This is great news as I know our world is flooded with invisible cancer causing estrogenic pesticides and my biopsies last year showed that my cancer when active, was covered in estrogen receptors.

I’ve been so diligent with both my fresh turmeric and curcumin supplement intake during the past year. A couple of days ago, my chest wall that was once covered with metastatic breast cancer is now clear. I’m not saying turmeric did all this healing alone, but I’m convinced that it certainly helped a great deal and encourage others to read the information on this website and check out the long list of studies on turmeric and cancer. , then of course pass this information on to your doctor and make an informed decision for yourself.

Curcumin Phytosome with Meriva

We eat as much fresh and cooked turmeric as we do ginger (loads), but that hasn’t stopped me from supplementing with one of these highly bio-available curcumin supplements which I purchase from an online retailer called i-herb.

I will happily use both these brands:

Doctors Best and the Jarrow Formula curcumin with meriva

I take 2 x 500mg capsules of curculin phytosome with Meriva at each meal;I take  a total of 3g per day.

The reason I take these two particular formulas is because of their improved bio-availability. 

Curcumin Phytosome” is a curcumin molecule bonded to a molecule of PC (PhosphatidylCholine).

Read more about Curcumin phytosomes with meriva  here

Below are just a couple of links to the research that inspires me to take 3g of curcumin daily.

More to come.

Effect of Curcumin and Meriva on the Lung Metastasis of Murine Mammary Gland Adenocarcinoma

Curcumin downregulates human tumor necrosis factor-α levels