Curcumin Phytosome with Meriva

We eat as much fresh and cooked turmeric as we do ginger (loads), but that hasn’t stopped me from supplementing with one of these highly bio-available curcumin supplements which I purchase from an online retailer called i-herb.

I will happily use both these brands:

Doctors Best and the Jarrow Formula curcumin with meriva

I take 2 x 500mg capsules of curculin phytosome with Meriva at each meal;I take  a total of 3g per day.

The reason I take these two particular formulas is because of their improved bio-availability. 

Curcumin Phytosome” is a curcumin molecule bonded to a molecule of PC (PhosphatidylCholine).

Read more about Curcumin phytosomes with meriva  here

Below are just a couple of links to the research that inspires me to take 3g of curcumin daily.

More to come.

Effect of Curcumin and Meriva on the Lung Metastasis of Murine Mammary Gland Adenocarcinoma

Curcumin downregulates human tumor necrosis factor-α levels