16 Months after secondary breast cancer diagnosis

It’s now Nov 1st 2018 and my oncologist told me last week that my breast cancer tumor markers have dropped even further. They are now 16. I’m feeling magnificent and I will be getting an MRI of my spine next month to see how my Lumbar region is looking.
I’m currently not taking as many supplements as I was previously. This is what I’m taking currently:

I’m adding plenty of organic turmeric & ginger powder to breakfast, all cups of tea &  to my dinner. I drink organic Chrysanthemum tea with Marshmallow root with some organic ginger and turmeric powder in that too.

I am still loving my breakfast bowl of soaked chia, with 1 tspn chlorella powder, whole lemon juice to taste, soaked organic goji berries, 1 tspn organic ginger powder  & 1 tspn organic rose-hip powder. Lunches are organic vegetable salads with sauerkraut, sometimes mackerel or chicken & avocado with lightly toasted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Over the past couple of months I have enjoyed reading the book Radical Remission and the book, Molecules of Emotion. Both have provided me with the opportunity to reflect more deeply on how my emotional state and my sub-conscious state (the body’s intelligence systems of information and energy we call the mind) influence my healing of secondary breast cancer and my ability to maintain my good health going forward.

I now know how to muscle test (communicate with my sub-conscious mind about my body’s needs), and for the past 6 weeks I have used  The Emotion Code to release trapped emotions from my body. I’ve found the releasing of trapped emotional baggage to be incredibly powerful. Physical conditions which I thought were never going to go away just left – And emotions which I thought were outside of my direct influence, left like a switch was flicked – gone!. I am so impressed with the power of this work that I am now completing The Emotion Code practitioner training so I can support others to release their emotional baggage that is causing stress in their bodies, their life  and in their relationships with others. We all deserve to feel this good!

I’m aiming to have completed my training by the end of 2018. As a part of my training requirements, I’m looking for volunteers for free sessions with me (November/ December 2018). So, if you are in pain or have a nagging physical condition that you just can’t seem to get over, or blocks to the kind of relationships or life you desire, please get in touch. It is very likely that trapped emotions are getting in the way of your full recovery, your total well-being & your alignment with your highest good.  Please contact me if you are interested in booking a free 45min Release Session with me in 2018. These can be done both via video call and in person.

I’ll check back in, in late December to share my  MRI results with you.
x Abbey


Underlying my capacity to access and utelise all the energy and information I need to heal my secondary breast cancer is a firm belief that

I am open to receiving
all the energy and information
I need to fully heal. 

  •  I did not begin this journey holding the belief that I could fully heal.
  • The moment I realised that the above belief wasn’t true for me, was a priceless moment.
  • In the moment I realised it wasn’t true for me, I became conscious of how very limited my beliefs about fully healing secondary breast actually were.
  • The first big step forward with my healing, was recognising and transforming any and all beliefs and habits of relating to myself that stood between me and my capacity to fully heal.

I found it helpful to listen and learn about the ‘biology of belief’.

Bruce Lipton

The Biology of Belief


I have understood, practiced and integrated the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza

You are the Placebo – Making your Mind Matter


Dr. Joe Dispenza has a website and many books, audio books and meditations.  I have enjoyed engaging with his knowledge and practicing with his resources and integrating his offerings into my own healing practices. “I listened to the Dr. Joe Dispenza audio book and meditations from ‘You are the Placebo’ whilst I was getting my high dose vitamin C infusion”.

There are many inspiring talks and interviews with and by Dr. Joe on YouTube too.


More reading matter for creating strong mind-body foundations

Australian authors and cancer conquerors, Ian Gawler and Petrea King have written some wonderful books too.

I have enjoyed, the ‘Mind that Changes Everything’ and ‘You Can Conquer Cancer’.

Movement Meditations

I love integrating  gentle and very powerful movement meditations into my life.
I live on the Mid North Coast of NSW and am so grateful to have  teachers running classes and private sessions in both ‘Medical Qi Gong’ and ‘The Form Reality Practice’.

I find that movement meditations such as ‘Qi Gong’ and ‘The Form’ to be so therapeutic and allow me a chance to deeply quite my mind and nourish my body, mind and spirit. Both these practices have also supported me greatly in the regular release of excess or draining emotions and or beliefs/thoughts.

If you’re like me, and would like to learn a practice that allows for more ease and accessibility to a more open and relaxed state of being ( yep, the one that is needed to fully heal), please feel free to get in contact with my teacher of  ‘The Form’, Lea.
She is currently offering one-on-one 45min video calls that allow you to experience an extremely gentle, yet incredibly powerful, meditative movement practice called ‘Cosmo Form’ with her for only a $50 donation (via Paypal) . This donation also includes a 15 min follow up video call to discuss how the practice is moving through your life.  Her name is Lea and contact page is within her website. is:https://www.dressesinthedeep.com/in-the-deep

more to come…