Update June 2020

What’s been happening?

I chose to stop taking the Zolodex implant. I’ve come to believe that my highly ER+ receptor cancer cells that were in a dormant state for 18months due to their unchanged primary estrogen receptor status, are now active again.

I have not had conventional scans to prove they are active but instead I could clearly feel them become inflamed again like the were in early 2017, about 6 weeks after the last Zolodex implant, late February. I have been addressing this inflammation successfully and will continue to. Some of my upper body are very close to the skin and clearly doubled in size, but since then, inflammation has subsided due to the protocol I’ve been pulling together.

I believe that the 18 month-long largely Zolodex led dormancy state of the cancer cells made the little buggers not 100% reachable with my metabolic healing strategies. I’m giving myself until August 1st to do all I can minus the Zolodex. All things going really well; I get to live Zolodex-free and cancer-free.

I am now prepared enough to put what I know to work, to work, without the Zolodex.

I would put this decision down to wanting to engage my whole body in my healing, and see how this serves my overall vitality and health status going forward into old age. It makes most sense to me to use as few heavy handed pharmaceuticals as possible.

My oncologist was not happy about me stopping the Zolodex, however she said she will be happy for me to go back on it if my attempts to do this without Zolodex are not a success. I will have a PET, CT and Bone at the end of July to help me decide my next move.

What I’m now taking each day

So with all the bone met activity I’m feeling again (since stopping Zolodex 3 months ago) I’ve swung back into a stronger healing protocol which for the months of June/July 2020 includes
: hydrogen-rich alkaline water, artemisia annua emulsion, chlorella, lemon, walnuts, green apples, pomegranate extract, curcumin, brocolli sprout powder, loads of fresh sprouts, R-alpha lipoic acid, liposomal vitamin C, beta 1,3-Glucan, berberine, grape seed extract, parsley leaf powder, chamomile tea, green tea, danshen, ginger, milk thistle, burdock root, pau d’arco, honokiol, tocotrienols, iodine, magnesium, selenium, zinc, citrus bergamot, astragalus, cats claw, stinging nettle, boswellia, B complex, CoQ10, glucosamine sulfate, fish oil, mini aspirin, D3, K2, niacin, olive oil, nigella sativa, skullcap, hesperidin and melatonin. …( and maybe one of two I’ve missed even!!)

and why I’m taking all of these herbs?

Thanks to the support of my clever friend and stage 4 breast cancer thriver and study buddy extraordinaire Maria Wessling Bachteal I’ve been able to enter everything I’m taking in June/July 2020 into this multi page ER+ breast cancer spreadsheet : Abbey’s_June_July_2020

This spreadsheet is navigated via the tabs at the bottom of each page and is designed to help me see how my chosen supplemental herbs and foods (and aspirin) inhibit cancer’s key metabolic pathways, breast cancer growth factors, fast cell division and how they effects my immune system.
The why I’m taking these things spreadsheet link:

Maria supports us all so much with her dedication to organizing the breast cancer research and readers in the USA can support Maria by purchasing your supplements at a discount (USA only) through her Fullscript Dispensary. Email Maria at scsupplements101@gmail.com

Sadly, I am also reducing my 1:1 support hours drastically

I’ve enjoyed directing so much heart-led energy and precious time into supporting others the past year, and now with so much bone met activity returning it is time to walk the talk and return the focus to my own health again as I did so well in 2017-19. Maintaining a NEAD minus the Zolodex means breaking new ground for me and I know deep down this requires much more time and energy then has I’ve been giving myself the past months. I have put on hold gifting any new 1:1 support calls for the months of June, July & August. I have not removed the booking app button but it takes you to a schedule with no available times for the moment.
My goal is to have my 1:1 support calls return, as they hold so much purpose value and meaning for me, but for now I need to pull back and fully support myself in regaining some healthy balance between my Zolodex-less bone met healing goals, the support group that is nearly 8k members strong... oh, my Liposomal Vitamin C making service, and of my precious and nowadays emotionally and mentally draining family situation in which my MIL has advancing Dementia and lives with us.

How do manage to take so many things?

I have been buying dried herbal powders and creating drinks/teas which I enjoy and reduce the capsule load. At least 9 of my healing herbs are taken as a drink.

My Daily Healing Tea Pot is looking strange but actually tastes good.

2 tspn German Chamomile flowers
2 tspn Danshen root
2 tpn Burdock root powder
2 tspn Cats Claw bark

2 tspn Pau d’arco bark
1 tspn Ginger root powder
½ tspn Licorice root
1000ml (1L) boiling water

Why these herbs in my pot?

German Chamomile Flowers &
Apigenin suppresses the senescence-associated secretory phenotype and paracrine effects on breast cancer cells
Danshen root:
Danshen Improves Survival of Patients With Breast Cancer and Dihydroisotanshinone I Induces Ferroptosis and Apoptosis of Breast Cancer Cells. – PubMed – NCBI
Burdock root powder
Arctigenin Inhibits the Activation of the mTOR Pathway, Resulting in Autophagic Cell Death and Decreased ER Expression in ER-positive Human Breast Cancer Cells
Cats Claw bark

Life Extension explore it’s powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects as well as the support it offers towards DNA repair, joint health, immune function, and normal cell division
Pau d’arco bark
Growth Inhibition of Estrogen Receptor Positive Human Breast Cancer Cells by Taheebo From the Inner Bark of Tabebuia Avellandae Tree
Ginger root powder
I have been a ginger tea fan forever and find it supports the digestive system while inhibiting cancer.
6‐Shogaol, an active constituent of ginger, inhibits breast cancer cell invasion by reducing matrix metalloproteinase‐9 expression via blockade of nuclear factor‐κB activation
Licorice root

Glabridin, an isoflavan from licorice root, inhibits migration, invasion and angiogenesis of MDA‐MB‐231 human breast adenocarcinoma cells by inhibiting focal adhesion kinase/Rho signaling pathway

Tea Directions:

Place all ingredients in a pot.
Pour boiling water over and place on stove.

Bring to simmer and with watchful eye leave on gentle rolling simmer for 5 min. It may need lifting off the element to control overheating.

Remove from heat and allow to cool down to a nice easy warm temperature.

Use tea strainer when serving. Reheat a little and consume over the course of the day.

Great to swallow my cancer pathways inhibiting supplements with.

My tea even tastes great with my broccoli sprout and parsley powder mixed through it.

When it’s time to sit down to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner I grab a large, 2 metric cup size glass and into this I place the above tea heated to 70 degrees Celsius and add a heaped teaspoon
broccoli sprout powder and a teaspoon of parsley leaf powder.

tastes way better then it looks!!!

Parsley is like German Chamomile in that it contains Apigenin. It is sweet tasting.
The Therapeutic Potential of Apigenin https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6472148/
Broccoli Sprout Powder
Provides me with sulforaphane.
Targets and mechanisms of sulforaphane derivatives obtained from cruciferous plants with special focus on breast cancer – contradictory effects and future perspectives

Targeting STAT3 signalling using stabilised sulforaphane (SFX-01) inhibits endocrine resistant stem-like cells in ER-positive breast cancer

I am crazy about the Super Sprout (Australian) brand of sulforaphane rich broccoli sprout powder.
I encourage you to give it a go and find out how good it tastes. The company’s done their research and invested in leading edge technology to create the very best broccoli sprout powder. I am surprised at how I can add it to almost anything I eat and it tastes good.
The Super Sprout manager has kindly given me the green light to share my
15% discount code with readers and study support group members after super-fresh high sulforaphane sprout powder either in Australia or the USA
15% discount code: AbbeyM15 can be applied to purchases both in the
Australia store or the USA Amazon store

Chi Gong
During practice we focus our mind in a relaxed way. We get our lymph system moving. We strengthen our bones, we circulate life force energy, balance our emotions, stretch our fascia and intentionally bring blood and oxygen to our organs, our muscles and our nerves so they can function at their best. My daily Chi Gong practice is so important to my life and my healing journey. Since social distancing came into place my teacher began offering online classes and courses for a worldwide audience. Learn more about Chi Gong, and what’s now on offer at my teacher’s site: https://www.thechifield.com.au/


Artemisia Annua
Each morning before Qi Gong I am take two dessert spoons of emulsified artemisia annua; one at around 3am and one around 6am. I will take every day for the next two weeks and then break for one week and then re-start. I will place my super simple emulsified artemisia annua recipe below and suggest anyone keen to learn more about how to use artemisia annua against cancer cells please join my friend Curt’s Facebook group; Curt Michael – Artemisinin, Cancer and Health Protocols
He’s dedicated to sharing support for people exploring the healing benefits of Artemisia Annua.

Some inspiring reading on this amazing herb:

Artemisia Annua, Artemisinin & 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine – A Cancer Fighting Plant – Blog: Cancer Treatments – from Research to Application

Artemisinin (Artemesia annua, “Sweet Annie”) and Breast Cancer

Artemisia annua extract prevents ovariectomy-induced bone loss by blocking receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B ligand-induced differentiation of osteoclasts

Abbey’s Recipe
Emulsified Artemesia Annua


50g Artemesia Annua, ground leaf

250g Sunflower lecithin powder

750ml Pure water


Measure 750ml of pure water into a pot.

Place the 50g of ground Artemesia Annua leaf into the water and place pot on stove.

Bring to simmer and with watchful eye leave on rolling simmer for 90 seconds only. It may need lifting off the element to control overheating.

Remove from heat and stir gently for 5 minutes with a clean stainless steel stirring device

Allow to cool for 10 more minutes while you prepare the Sunflower lecithin powder (SFLP)

I always start by fine sieving the SFLP into a bowl to remove the lumps, dry rocks and any stray tiny ‘stay-dry’ pillows that are often placed in the product’s packaging.

Place blender jug on scales and re-set scales to zero. Spoon 250g of sieved SFLP into blender jug

and pour in the now semi-cooled tea over the SFLP using a  fine mesh strainer*.

 *Removes muck in the emulsion -but perhaps you want it?

Blend until 43-45 degree C (equiv. 93-94 F).

 How long this takes to reach temp. depends on your blender. You will need a thermometer and be watching closely.

I like to pour (while hot and moving freely) into a sterilized glass jar with tight lid seal that I can stand in a cool place in the kitchen or in fridge.

Food is so important

I’ll finish with some photos of the delicious wholefood that I’ve been lucky enough to be enjoying recently thanks to my super creative and sprout-farming-crazy husband Neil.

Okay, enough sitting here, time to move and eat!